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Show has ended for the 2016 season - please visit us to see picures and video of the show, it will be posted over the next few weeks. - This is coming, just updated visitor count.

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Blog Updates
Show visitors in 2016 by the numbers!

The show ran for 37 days, starting November 25th and ending December 31st. We were able to run with all of our lights on 37 days, or 100.00% of the time.

Despite rain, slush or snow we did not have to turn off any lights.

We had 3,376 cars that came by, and using an average of 3 persons per car we estimate some 10,128 visitors for 2016 season.

Want to know what song is playing and where you can get a copy this coming season?

Well, if you have a smartphone download the Shazam App let it hear the song and all the information is yours.
Latest Update - Press Information from 2014 added, more to come there as well.

2016 Pictures are posted - check them out - chose View Lights - Pictures to check them out, video will be coming soon.

Video from 2014 FINALLY posted - that's correct, 2014 video is up and running - 2016 is being worked on.