Who we are?
Sparky - Official Christmas Gift Sniffer
Known to pee on lights he does not approve of.
Ok, so he also pee's on the lights he approves as well, the hard part is telling which is which, you have to make eye contact to figure it out.
Tigger - Show Reviewer
If he stops watching the computer preview version of a song, it does not go into
the final show.
Sunshine - Light Inspector
Her motto is "If it's not bright, it's not right!"
Failure to impress her means you can expect her to stick her tongue out at you!

Hard to impress, tough to ignore, she knows what she wants to see on display.

Lucky for us, she has a weakness for dog treats or nothing would ever be approved.
Who we are - continued
And off I went, now, my wife who is not so thrilled with this idea has been known to tell me I am crazy, something I have never denied.

She has also been known to tell me I don't have enough lights on certain trees used in the display, so I am not convinced she does not secretly enjoy the crazy part.

And now let me introduce the rest of our lighting staff!