Who we are continued?
Misty - The Real Boss

Don't let that laid back look on her face fool you.

She is deciding if you should get the rough kitty lick or a quick paw slap to the face.

Has been known to put serious smack down on the dogs if they don't do what she tells them to.

Misty makes them come to her office, since only their heads will fit through the kitty office door, it is the perfect place for her to rear back and play badmittion with their nose between her paws.

You don't mess with her choice of Christmas lights if you don't want to be invited to her 'office'

Gromit - Display Manager

Keeps everyone focused on their role while the display is being setup.

Not one to allow slow workers during show setup, she runs herd on the others and makes sure everyone is doing their jobs.

Prone to barking at the first sign of anyone slacking off, she also doubles as the visitor alarm when cars arrive to watch the show.

No surprise since Sunshine is her mother!

Yes seriously, she is Sunshine's daughter.

Ok, so you want to meet the only human in this group? Click on the computer geek to the right.