Please read all of the following information to insure a safe and fun visit to our display.

If you have questions you can contract us via email link at bottom of page.

Show Information
Find us by GPS - search for Bridal Path, Lakeville then follow the GLOW of lights to our display

Tune To: 87.9 FM to Hear the Music

Sunday - Thursday
Shows Start at 4:30 PM and End at 9:30 PM

Friday - Saturday
Shows Start at 4:30 PM and End at 10:00 PM

Show Dates
First show: November 25th, 2022
Last Show: December 31st, 2022
Display Times
Show Rules To Live By
Weather Issues
Help us keep the show running
In order to run this show we need your help,.please follow these rules:
1. Do not block our neighbors driveways or use them to turn around
2. Please don't stop in the middle of the road thus blocking neighbors and others from going past
3. Park "across" the road from the show, not on the same side as the show as it blocks others from seeing the show and can block the road.
4. Once you pull to the side of the road, please dim your headlights to parking lights only so everyone can enjoy the show
5. Stay in your car (safety first), keep the radio to a comfortable level inside your car
6. Please stay off the lawn - the show uses many low hanging wires and is a hazard to walking, and you could damage the show.
7. There are two cul-de-sacs (circles) at the end of the streets that allow you to turn around to leave the show,
8. Please DO NOT turn around in the middle of the street, a 3 point turn casues traffice problems and is very dangerous.

Think of how you would want visitors to act if this show was in your neighborhood, unhappy neighbors mean requests to shut the show down.
We try and run everynight during the season, however mother nature has her own ideas.

Sometimes we are forced to reduce the number of lights running on some nights and are unable to run the show at all on severe weather days. All of this occurs because of rain and heavy moisture, snow, or unsafe conditions caused by the weather.

Please check our Home Page first to see if the show is running during snow or rain storms, we will update the status a.s.a.p. when a weather event forces us to shut down.