The CrazyTech People
Toys for Tots Motorcycle run - yes I drive a motorcycle, this was my old one, a 1200cc Sportster.

Currently I am riding a 2000 Low Rider - I have to do something between Animated Light shows each year.
Too many ideas, not enough time. I ride when I can, and as you see below it was a Christmas toy run!

No child should be left out of the joy of the season, believing in Santa is a joy that children of all ages and faiths should have.

We all need miracles and peace in our lives.
Xena - Warrior Princess of Light Shows

The black cat of the family - don't let her cross your path if you are not working on or watching the lights.

She works for Misty and uses her tail as a whip on those who are not working hard on the light show.

Xena loves heights so she will climb all over the display to check it out, and she can leap tall arches in a single bound.

With all these furry troops on the job it's no wonder the light show keeps getting bigger each year.