Cherry Tree - First in Setup Each branch has to be wrapped The Shed is Number 2 Warm day - hot work Wrapping the trees - 7 - 900 lights per tree Mega-Tree goes up for year 4 Its Up and did not fall over Piles of Lights await setup Mean while back at the tree More help, more wrapping And now the roof Hundreds of lights go here How many can fit up here? Fencing anyone - 350 lights Large bush time - 3 to 600 lights per bush View before the cabling begins All is ready - for 2 miles of extension cords to be hooked up Small trees ready - first cables are run Roof is ready to go The Cherry Tree shines in the sun Santa's Elfs have joined the show New for 2013 - Driveway Arch We MEAN high voltage - this elf failed to listen The Whole House View All is ready to run lightbox jquery youtubeby v5.7
2013 Album One - Setup
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Hope you made it by this year, enjoy the photos of our lights.
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