Right Side View Santa's Workshop Large Bush Garage Roof - in Holiday Dress Poor Little Elf - Shocked by the Show Reindeer Games Mega-tree Blue/White on Snow RGB on Display Front Yard View We MEAN high voltage! Our Tall Trees Side Yard View Right Side Lights from Fron of House Lights are even BETTER after the Snow Shiny and Bright Last of the Incandesant Lights in the Display Multi Lights on Snow Let it GlOW in the SNOW Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel Front Yard from Right Side All Trees Rope Light Elf after the Snow Shocked Elf - he thought it was gong to Rain Lot's of Snow Up to his Waist Bet this Reindeer wishes he could fly away from the Snow Snow Happy Elf Yard from above Snow just Adds to the Lights Yard Lights Under the Snow Yard Lights work from below Yard Lights or Snow Moles? Front Bushes Snow makes lights much Brighter Snoopy attempting take off - the Red Baron is on the move again. Because it looks COOL Purple Premieres Still here - pre-dates animated show - now 7 years old. 6,400 lights in mega-tree lightbox jquery youtubeby VisualLightBox.com v5.7
2013 Album Two - Show Shots
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Hope you made it by this year, enjoy the photos of our lights.
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